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Since 2011, Bridget's Dream has devoted its energy to passionately supporting and advocating for girls and women who have been commercially sexually exploited.

We are a survivor-led organization that fights human trafficking in our city, state, and Nation!

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Our innovative programs are designed to fight human trafficking in our city, state, and nation. We focus on providing direct services to victims and engaging our community in an effort to abolish stigma! 

Bridget's Dream is a Christian organization founded in 2011 to respond to the devastating epidemic of sexual exploitation in our region and beyond. We provide trauma-informed support to victims and their families. 

Survivors of sex-trafficking need to experience redemptive, loving relationships in the context of community! Find out how you can become a part of someone's story of redemption and help to abolish stigma! 

"If i could Have convinced more slaves that they were slaves,

i could have freed thousands more."

 - Harriet Tubman 

Bridgets Dream